Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bush Uses the S-Word in Iraqi Address

No, not sabre, Sean. And not his favorite S-word which you can hear him toss about with other heads-of-state when he thinks the microphone is off.

I can't believe with the hooplah today about Rush Limbaugh's hatred of all things Michael J. Fox (move on, folks, he apologized for being a dick, let's talk about REAL NEWS like the subject of this blog) that it has been overlooked by even the nit-pickiest pundits. In his public address, rife with veiled threats and, contradictions be damned!, even more veiled support of the Iraqi prime minister, President Bush used a word that must have only recently been added to his vocabulary (most likely by his lawyer, Alberto "I'll define torture for you" Gonzales, or his wife, Laura "yes I really was a librarian" Bush), since we've never heard him use it in the past.


That's right. George actually said that Iraq is a sovereign nation. He used the term at least six times during the question and answer segment. Where was that word in 2003 when he was lubing up the war machine? I don't remember ever saying "sovereign nation" when he was promoting the idea of regime change. How do you spell sovereign in George Bush's dictionary? I spell it h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y.


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