Thursday, October 19, 2006

Are We Immortal, Yet?

Two weeks after I mention Everlasting God Stoppers, it shows up last night (Oct. 18) on The Colbert Report as a by-line for a guest author. Coincidence? Or are the writers for Mr. Colbert's farcical show hitting the best satirical blogs out there for fresh ideas because the black tar heroin just doesn't give them the edge anymore? I think you know which it is.

To be fair, I had used the term "Ever loving" but that was a direct quote of a misquote and everyone (all seven of you) who reads this blog, knows it was in reference to "everlasting." Where's your truthinessness now, Mr. Colbert? Hiding from the bears, I'm sure.

Stephen Colbert: Everlasting God Stopper


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