Friday, October 06, 2006

Giant Camel News No Competition for Foley Fanatics

The announcement this week that archeologists found the fossilized remains of a 100,000 year old camel as big as an elephant, did not deter the national media and political pundits from their prurient fixation on Senator Foley's penchant for "the tightest teen."

University of Columbia archeologist, Aaron Diggsindurt, spoke of the giant dromedary. "It's big," he said, "really big. We're talking Dennis Hastert big. This camel could go weeks without drinking water or admitting it had previous knowledge of improper email messages. That's why we're calling it Hastertis Gigantum."

Continuing his GOP comparison, Diggsindurt said that the camel was as big as an elephant and was killed by homo sapiens at a drinking hole. "We're only guessing the homos killed it," Diggsindurt said, "because without a fossil record of the flamboyancy of the clothes they wore or how tidy they kept their caves, we can't know for sure if these sapiens were homo or not."

"One thing we do know," he concluded, "like its namesake, Hastertis Gigantum stunk to high heaven. Like most giant, homo-hating camels."

[Reuters Story]


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