Sunday, October 22, 2006

President Preps for Prison Shower Scene

(AP) The White House is bracing for guerrilla warfare on the homefront politically if Republicans lose control of the House, the Senate or both... Republicans are battling to keep control of Congress. But polls and analysts in both parties increasingly suggest Democrats will capture the House and possibly the Senate on Election Day Nov. 7.

Are you ready for big push, George? Here's a pillow, feel free to bite it. Just close your eyes and power through it.

Maybe a drinkie-poo will ease the pain of the imminent reversal of your anti-American policies? Maybe a congress that isn't intimidated by your bullying will refrain from voting in line with your agenda 90% (and more) of the time? Are you ready for a rewording of the unPatriot Act and perhaps censure or even an investigation into the war profiteering that's been going on under your watch? It might make for a very entertaining last two years of your presidnecy. Much more painful than a soiled blue dress. Go ahead, just one won't hurt. Even Jesus drank a little of the fizzy nifflers now and then, and he's your biggest role model.

Jesus drinks wine, George.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mock while you can - retribution is immenent. AoD

2:31 PM  

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