Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pryor's Flame Snuffed Out

An entertainment legend left us this weekend. He died of a heart attack Saturday at the age of 65. He helped shape my sense of humor and helped me see the world through a comedian's eyes, with just a hint of cynicism.

5 Things I Learned from Richard Pryor:
  1. It was possible to upstage Jackie Gleason.
  2. If people ever make jokes about your own stupidity,like catching youself on fire while smoking heroin, laugh along with them.
  3. If you're not a runner, but you try to be one to impress a woman, expect your runny nose to blow snot all over your face.
  4. You can make millions by playing the same part in the same movie over and over and over, as long as you do it with Gene Wilder.
  5. The world is unfair, so all you can do is live with it and laugh at it.


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