Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Fox and her Friends

Fox & Friends, the Fox "News" morning show, hammers another nail in the coffin of Fox's assertion that they are a fair and balanced news organization. I watch this show, not because I like to torture myself with their inane banter, but because the gym where I work-out in the mornings is spitting distance from the the world headquarters of the ultra-conservative Focus on the Family organization. And they have the TV in front of the stationary bike I like to ride for my daily dose of cardio tuned to this idiotic station.

For those who don't know what "Fox & Friends" is, it's one of those coffee-sipping, pseudo-improvisational morning shows where they sometimes read the news, sometimes have guests, and sometimes make total asses of themselves commenting off-the-cuff on news of the day (to generate morning television's much sought-after "banter ratings"). Three co-hosts face the camera: the Fox is E.D. Hill, always sitting in the center, wearing a very short skirt that makes the average straight male pray she'll shift a little and show him a glimpse of heaven; the Friends is co-host Steve Doocy; and the ampersand (&) is the mildly retarded Brian Kilmeade. What makes me think he's mildly retarded? One statement he made Monday morning that provoked this blog. They were talking about the upcoming theatrical release of Peter Jackson's "King Kong." They didn't mention the grandiose scale of the special effects, they didn't mention the caliber of talent in front of and behind the camera, no, all they cared about was that it is three hours long. Kilmeade (and Doocy) both lamented about how difficult it would be to sit through a 3-hour movie. What's the matter, guys, do you have bladder control issues? Kilmeade went so far as to say it can't be a good movie if it's that long, and he's not going to see it. Hasn't this idiot ever heard of a long movie that was also good? How about "Lawrence of Arabia?" It weighed-in at 3 hours and 26 minutes and won seven Academy Awards. Or "The Godfather" which was only 5-minutes shy of 3 hours long, and won 3 Academy Awards!

Here's the clincher on why I think "Fox & Friends" is a piece of shit. Mancow.

Yes, the syndicated radio schlock jerk. "Fox & Friends" uses him to degrade and insult any liberal or centrist viewers who call in. Where the fairness goes away is that they allow the caller to speak first and ask their question, then they let Mancow respond. Invariably, he calls the viewer stupid, uneducated or unpatriotic, and proceeds to tear-apart their question or reasoning without giving them the opportunity to rebut.

If you want real news in the morning as you get ready for work (or while you're working off that pizza and two beers from the night before), a little eye-candy, and some friendly and fun banter that doesn't impune anyone's opinion, watch "Robin & Company" with Robin Meade, on Headline News. They actually give us the news without opinion.


Blogger Phelps said...

This morning, while Kreepy Kilmeade was trying to make a point he reached over and touched E.D.'s arm and she actually cringed and leaned away from him! It was a thing of beauty. Quasimodo was copping a feel! E.D. spent the rest of that segment, until the commercial break, leaning away from Kilmeade and practically turning her back on him.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ED is hot, but she's a lesbian. And we all know about them lesbians! I heard the retard did go see King Kong - he's got a thing for skinny white chicks - and the faye wray in this flick is hte skinniest of them all. As for the hunch back - he's actually a glorified weather dude (a high is coming in from the east, now back to you Dave...) and they let him sit there and spout off (I think he's got a phone message from the king rate - O'Reilly - that's keeping him employed). Oh, and I've seen you at the Y - seems like you peddle pretty fast when E D is on the air...

8:51 PM  

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