Sunday, December 19, 2004

Time Wins "Earliest April Fool's Ever" Prize

He's not just the President of the United States;

He's not just the graduate that the Yale class of 1968 voted least likely to say something profound;

But he's also Time Magazine's "Man of the year."

Woo hoo! Drop the ballons. Cue the fanfare music. Let loose the doves! I said, drop the balloons.

Basically, the editor-in-chief of Time Magazine made a bet with the publisher that had something to do with making more Americans scratch their heads in stunned confusion than any previous cover story.

Where are those f#*king ballons?


Blogger Matt said...

Did you catch how old he looks on the cover? Thom, you should do a blog with an A/B of him four years ago and today. All that lying really ages you.

Of course, I'm bald and gray now, too... four years of the Bush administration has aged me.

4:39 PM  

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