Friday, July 23, 2004

More Republican Abuses of Power

Apparently greedy Republican cronyism doesn't stop at cushy oil jobs and defense contracts. They're now threatening the MPAA with restrictive and abusive (and unnecessary) legislation if they don't appoint a Republican to a top spot.

According to Variety:

Three weeks after the MPAA announced Glickman's hire, Republicans on Capitol Hill and K Street are still seething about the studios' decision to bypass former Pentagon spokesman Victoria Clarke, the top GOP candidate for the job, as well as several other Republicans. Instead, the studios chose Glickman, who served as agriculture secretary under Bill Clinton and spent 20 years as a Democratic congressman.

For years Republicans in Washington have made it clear that they want trade orgs to hire GOP candidates for their top posts: Industries should choose Republicans or face the legislative consequences, the not-so-subtle GOP messages goes.
Can you imagine? All future Michael Moore movies would get X ratings.


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