Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ronstadt is So Punk Rock

At a Vegas casino, Linda Ronstadt caused drunken conservatives who have difficulty expressing their emotions to embrace their inner anarchist simply by mentioning the magical name "Michael Moore." Reuters reports:   
Ronstadt, who had been hired for a one-show engagement Saturday night at the Las Vegas Strip casino, dedicated a performance of "Desperado" to Moore and his controversial documentary, which criticizes President Bush and the U.S.-led war in Iraq.
That dedication angered some Aladdin guests who spilled drinks, tore down posters and demanded their money back, said casino spokeswoman Sara Gorgon.
Nice American family values -- go to a casino, get lit up and start acting like you're in a Bam Margera demo tape.
In a related story, polls indicate that Bush leads Kerry five-to-one amongst uneducated wife-beating fans of crappy 70s country pop music.


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