Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recent poll shows public confused by polls

The latest Reuterz/C-SPUN/Zobgy poll is out with results showing considerable confusion among people who pay attention to polls. According to some national polls, within the span of three days, Obama has held a 5-point, 12-point, 8-point, 72-point and 4-point lead, respectively over McCain, and it's confusing the general public.

"The problem," states independent pollster, Ivan Zobgy, "is that we only poll the same six people, dropping the lowest numbers from the previous poll and adding the highest of the latest. Plus, we poll this collection of stay-at-home television viewers three or four times a day." This leads to some wide variations in polling results from day to day, he added, depending on what shows they're watching.

The six self-described couch potatoes say that although Zobgy does not compensate them to answer the polling questions, the importance they feel in representing the opinions of the entire nation is payment enough.


Blogger TimBuffyEllaLily said...

it kind of looks like that poll is giving me the middle finger!?

6:58 PM  
Blogger Phelps said...

By their sheer arrogance and unadulterated manipulation of our feelings, aren't ALL polls giving us the finger?

8:35 AM  

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