Monday, October 27, 2008

Elderly McCain Supporters Bullied and Intimidated by Obama Crowd

Durango - reliable eyewitnesses at John McCain's rally in Durango, CO, Friday the 24th, expressed anger and disgust at being shouted at and intimidated by raucus Obama fans in attendance with the express intention of disrupting the rally. An elderly couple from nearby Vallecito were jostled, yelled at and told to "shut up, old man" by young men wearing Obama shirts and holding Obama signs.

Now, hold on, people. That's not how we do things in America. Chant your slogans and wave signs, but don't intimidate people you assume don't agree with you. This isn't Uganda, it's the USA, and regardless of how passionate you feel about your candidate, you can't frighten people.

WWBD? That's definitely not it. The next time you Obama supporters (or McCain fans) are face to face with someone who doesn't agree with your politics, ask yourself,"What Would Barack Do?" The answer is clear: calm, informed, reasonable discussion. Grow up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may not be Uganda, but it is about to become Kenya. Four years from now the Barrack supporters will be waving machettes at the old folks (if not outright attacking them) to keep them out of the voting booths.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Phelps said...

All Things Considered on Friday had a great segment about voters in York, PA, and their hopes and fears relating to the election.

Your comment (Mr. Anonymous) sounds a lot like the lady who described her fear that if Obama wins, the black community will retaliate against whites for all the years of mistreatment. Crazy.

NPR Story about election

8:47 AM  

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