Monday, October 13, 2008

Religulous Review

Bill Maher's new anti-religion movie "Religulous" is a must see. Phelps gives it 4.5 Stars of David out of 5. The up-side: it's hilarious. The downside: director Larry Charles filmed Maher in profile for almost half the movie. It got to the point where the viewer spends more time thinking about Maher's nose and how disproportionately large his head is to his body than what he was saying. But that was a minor detail. Minor.

For Turner/Phelps, though, the important point is that we've been there and done that. From Phelps speaking publicly about the foolishness of literal Biblical interpretation, to Turner's Grammy nomination for "Best hymn sung by a grilled cheese sandwich," T/P beats Hollywood to the punch, again.

Religulous website, 2008 / TurnerPhelps blog, 2004

Still, damn, Maher's a got a big head. It's like Ted Kennedy big. Or Karl Rove.


Blogger David said...

Maher is the biggest ass on TV... he's taken the conservative model of shouting people down who don't agree with them to an art form. If anyone else had made this movie it would have been worth the money - but Maher pisses me off just saying hello! He's worse the O'Reilly, Olberman, Mathews, Moore, Gupta... oops, Gupta's actually ok :)

9:14 AM  

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