Friday, October 17, 2008

McNasty Still Fear Mongering

Yesterday, the day after the last presidential debate where the topic of negative advertising held center stage, we come home to more negative ads from McCain/Palin and the RNC on the answering machine. No joke here. If this isn't a classic example of fear-mongering, T/P doesn't know what is. Look Out! Obama is a terrorist and his thoughts are "extreme!"

McCain Palin Still Nasty as Ever

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WAV File of voicemail
MP3 File of voicemail


Blogger David said...

This is akin to the crap I keep getting via email from VERY intelligent people from all over the world. How is it possible that anyone would believe this garbage? And when forwarding an email - what piece of a person’s brain gets shut off so that they use NO discernment prior to pushing send? Retired military, executives in corporate America, PhD's, teachers, scientists... they all do it. Funny - I think when someone doesn't LIKE something they are more easily swayed to communicate falsehoods, incorrect facts, and plain old lies much more readily. Remember all of the crap that was assumed of other races by White America back in the old days? And of course, as with most crap emailed around today, all of them end with "if you disagree - just delete"...

6:53 AM  

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