Monday, August 16, 2004

New Heppenstall CD

So one of my best and oldest friends has released a new solo CD. You can check it out at his web site.

A little trivia about Edward that you won’t find in his bio: When we were growing up in Redlands and Loma Linda, CA, he used to keep a bowl of dry cat food on his piano. The cat would come along and eat out of the bowl every so often, but so would other people thinking it was some sort of savory snack mix. So if you’re ever at his house, and hungry, just ask for a sandwich or something, don’t go snooping around looking for snack mix. I mean, he’d gladly feed you something tasty, but if you’re just a greedy mooch eating out of random bowls, you’re on your own.

I’ll save another story -- of how he saved my life at Madame Wong’s in Santa Monica as I was about to get beat up by a 300 pound angry backstage manager after a show -- for the second album.

One question. How long before Jackie O and Dennis Culver are singing Heppenstall songs out of a Karaoke machine?


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