Monday, August 02, 2004

Ambiguously Free Republic

Mr. DietCoke, our frequently nude Rocky Mountain high society right-winger sent this image in the hopes (I think) that it will make people think twice about voting for the Kerry/Edwards ticket. Yes, it shows the "ambiguously gay duo" superheroes from SNL with John & John's heads poorly superimposed on the bodies ("light source, proportion, and light source," my ultra-cool, dog food-eating, life drawing professor used to bark).
I got a laugh out of it.
But would also like to say: I still would much rather vote into office these two untested snappy dressers (a political flip-flopper and a trial lawyer), than a pair of guys who don't blink an eye at the thought of sacrificing 900+ American soldiers over a half-baked politically motivated vendetta.
PS - Thanks, Mr. DietCoke, for not unleashing the FREEPERs on us.
For the uninitiated, those are the subscribed
Free Republic members who have nothing better to do than read "Free Republic" and tear
apart anybody who disagrees with them. I think Dick Cheney is a charter


Blogger Mitch said...

I come back from 10-day vacation, open up my turner|phelps, and nearly snort out nasal passages and uvula included, when i see that picture of "ace and gary".

How am I going to yodel now!!!

12:40 PM  

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