Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Devil Saves the Day

A Stockholm carnival worker named Ben-Hur saved a stranded teenager on a ferris-wheel while dressed as the devil.

Could it be this guy actually is the devil? Imagine you’re the devil, and you save this kid, and then there’s all this attention on you, because you’re not supposed to be saving people, you’re supposed to be damning them into eternity, I mean you’re the devil and everything, but you see this kid dangling and you’re overcome with sympathy, and then people start pointing and yelling and asking, “hey man, are you really the devil,” and you just want to save your street cred, because if people find out you’re saving kids on ferris wheels they’re never going to take you seriously when you threaten them with boiling toad blood and sulphurous eye of newt, so you’d probably just panic and say, “no… I’m not the devil… I just dress this way… I work in a carnival… yeah, and my name is… my name is… Ben-Hur.”


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