Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Candidates Vie for Dennis Culver Day

We’ve narrowed our search for a Dennis Culver Day namesake. Take a look at the following contenders:

Dennis Culver, Artist, Hater of Evil
Pros: World’s greatest proponent of the mini-comic
Cons: World’s greatest proponent of the mini-comic

Dennis Culver, Preparator, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Pros: Knows a lot of cool stuff about Native American art
Cons: That might get kind of creepy and you can’t ask someone to leave early, especially when it’s their own day and everything

Dan Culver, Overall Great Human Being
Pros: sounds like a great guy
Cons: His first name is “Dan” making “Dennis Culver Day” kind of confusing.

Culver City, Home of the Kirk Douglas Theatre
Pros: Not just one person, but a whole city-ful
Cons: It’s, uh, Culver City, and they spell “Theater” in the fancy-schmancy way, “Theatre.”


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