Saturday, June 05, 2004

Plans Underway for Dennis Culver Day

We’re planning our first annual “Dennis Culver Day.” It’s not just a day, but really more of a festival. This is, understandably, a giant undertaking for two dim-witted barely-employed comedy writers. Here are the steps we have left in our planning:

1) Find someone named Dennis Culver worthy of having a day named after him (or her).

2) Pick a day, preferably in a time of year that is not too hot so the college kids can enjoy a barbecue of burgers and weenies

3) Purchase burgers and weenies (and probably some charcoal or something, and balloons I guess, I’m not really much of a barbecue guy, and maybe hire a clown, and not some part-time low-rent scary clown or one of those sad European-style clowns, but a real old-fashioned pie-in-Dennis-Culver’s-face clowns).

4) Organize officially-sanctioned rites and festivities (there will undoubtedly be Karaoke involved and adult beverages).


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