Monday, June 28, 2004

Apple: "This Time It Works"

Apple Computers previewed "Tiger," the newest version of their OS X operating system. It's their 5th try. Steve Jobs vows, "This time it works. So will someone please write software for our computers?"
(AP blatant advertisement for Apple disguised as a news article)

And what's the story with computer guys code-naming their operating systems after animals? Apple: cheetah, tiger, puma, ocelot. Microsoft: longhorn, yak, wildebeast, ocelot. Come on, Bill and Steve, let's have some imagination here. You're going to confuse the masses of ear-to-the-ground EverQuest-playing lifetime-tech-convention-membership ubergeeks when you get to ocelot. They won't know which system they're working with. Oh yeah, they'll be working with the Microsoft version. The Apple users can't afford to go to tech conventions since they've spent all their money on Macs and Photoshop upgrades.


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