Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two-headed Oddity on Campaign Trail

A Boy with Two heads..." was how the media described the newborn medical oddity in India that sadly died only 48 hours after leaving the hospital. I contest that they should have referred to them as "two boys with one body..." or more accurately, "twins who failed to divide into two distinct bodies."

What constitutes individuality, the number of torsoes you have or the number of brains?

And what do you call that hideous, wrinkled, parasite that's hanging on John McCain everywhere we've seen him these past few weeks?

Oh, yeah. It's Leiberman. Hopefully, tomorrow's VP announcement will effectively excise that sycophantic thing from the Arizona senator. Unless Turncoat Joe is McCain's choice as running mate, in which case we'll have to squeamishly watch their handholding through November.


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