Thursday, August 19, 2004

No Child Left Behind (Except Yours)

NYT reports:

In virtually all instances, the charter students did worse than their
counterparts in regular public schools.

Charters are expected to grow exponentially under the new federal education law,
No Child Left Behind, which holds out conversion to charter schools as one
solution for chronically failing traditional schools.
OK, low scores, but this is nothing to be dismayed about, is it?

"The scores are low, dismayingly low," said Chester E. Finn Jr., a supporter of
charters and president of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, who was among those who asked the administration to do the comparison.
What do the Bushies plan to do about this? Close public schools to make more charters, naturally.
Of the nation's 88,000 public schools, 3,000 are charters, educating more than
600,000 students. But their ranks are expected to grow as No Child Left Behind
identifies thousands of schools for possible closing because of poor test


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