Friday, July 02, 2004

Nash's Phoenix Has Risen

PHOENIX (AP) - Dallas point guard Steve Nash agreed to a five-year, $65 million deal with the Phoenix Suns on Thursday...
Meanwhile, the guy who lives on the corner of 5th Street and MLK Blvd who calls me "Doctor Jimmy" and wants to charge me a buck-fifty to examine a boil on his left butt cheek while I'm stuck in traffic, is still trying to raise enough money to buy a MacDonald's Happy Meal so he can spend 15 minutes in an air-conditioned building out of the 105 degree temps he's been enduring.
Phoenix is $16.3 million under the NBA salary cap, not counting the Nash deal.
Hey, Jerry Colangelo (Suns chairman) and Nash! How about spreading some of that Suns cash around to this guy so he can nurse an ice cold Coke while the 19-year-old manager stares at him disapprovingly?
I'm not sure I can take another "physical" disguised as performance art and protected by his First Amendment right to free speech so early in the morning.


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