Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is Fox's "24" Another Tool to Keep Us In Fear?

Did anyone catch Keith (the Anti-O'Reilly) Olbermann last night? He floated the idea that the Fox drama 24 is really just another effort by the neo-con puppets at Fox to keep us in fear.

As much as I love Olbermann -- he's typically the sanest voice in the media next to Jon Stewart -- I'm not sure this is true. It pains me to defend Fox, but haven't the Repubs figured out by now that America is on to the whole code-orange alert thing? I think that having plots about terror in America is simply, and unfortunately, a very relevant story line for our times. It isn't any more of a conspiracy than Will and Grace, or The Brady Bunch, or my personal favorite, Lidsville. Then again, all three of those shows promoted gay drug culture, didn't they?

Olbermann had filmmaker Robert Greenwald (Outfoxed) on and that was a hoot. Greenwald called it "propaganda," and "a neo-con sex fantasy." Gotta' love us lefties even when we get it wrong. We're a lot more fun than conservatives.


Blogger Howard Davis said...

Agreed on your post. I think the worst part of this "controversy" is that Robert Greenwald's credibility is being damaged by this absurd attack on a TV drama.

It's a good, and relevant show. That's all.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Exactly. It's a shame that so much relevant criticism of the Right(via Greenwald, Moore, etc.) is also clouded by gamey spotlight seeking.

9:51 AM  

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