Monday, May 16, 2005

A Burger to Lose Your Cookies Over

Paris Hilton, that "I'm a rich and famous for no reason at all other than my last name" celebrity skank, is going to start promoting Carl's Jr's Hot and Spicy Six Dollar burger.

In the ad campaign they have her enjoying the monstrous sandwich in a bathing suit while washing a Bentley. What they won't show you is Paris purging after every bite.

Talk about a couple burgers that will kill you; one will get you with heart disease, the other with any number of other diseases.

I've just become a vegan.

(Paris is interactive. Mouse Over for nutritional details.)

(AP photo)


Blogger God of History said...

Thats more fat than I'm allowed to eat in an entire YEAR! Probably explains the liver disease...

7:24 PM  

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