Friday, May 13, 2005

Achieving Closure

With old Rummy Rumsfeld and the Pentagon proposing to shut down 150 military installations (including 33 major bases and more than 100 smaller facilities), communities around the nation whose economies rely on the bases are struggling to counter the proposal.

Governors from several key opposition states converged on Rumsfeld's mobile press corps Airstream Friday to protest.

"What will become of our pawn shops, liquor stores, and Oriental massage parlors?" asked Alabama governor, Bob Riley.

"And the hookers," Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano, bemoaned. "What about the hookers that rely on our armed forces to make a living? They'll end up on the street, and our room-by-the-hour motels will go out of business!"


Blogger Phelps said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mentiona that when Carter and Clinton recommended closing military bases, the Republicans called them "dirty peaceniks" and accused them of threatening the safety of America.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Let's not forget that Clinton's army getted some booty in Afghanistan.

9:35 AM  

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