Thursday, April 28, 2005

Abdullah Leaves Crawford Smugger and Richer than Before

With their "Meeting of the Mind" Summit over, Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia bid President Bush a fond farewell and returned to the oil rich fields of his homeland with only a short 3-hour layover in Atlanta to visit his favorite gentleman's club, Chunkie's.

President Bush said to the press corps that the prince knew where he stood and that they had come to a "meeting of the mind." In their meeting the President stressed America's concern over the high price of crude oil, our country's continuing reliance on Saudi resources, and the President's penchant for the superb hasish that flows from Riyadh via the UAE. All the while, sources say, the prince just nodded and smiled.

Historical footnotes:

President Bush's nickname for Prince Abdullah is "Prince Abbey," while the prince's nickname for George Bush is "Chhaddah Ahbid."

During the seven hour meeting, Prince Abdullah's personal wealth increased by 185 million dollars in oil sales.

President Bush is 5'11" tall. Prince Abdullah is 5'4" (but he wears 6" lifts).

Prince Abdullah and President Bush both enjoy watching "The Beverly Hillbillies" original television show, and get a big laugh out of singing along with the opening song.

While touring the ranch with the First Lady, the Crown Prince commented that he had stepped in a pile of cow chaddah for the first time.

During a casual break with the press corps, Prince Abdullah lamented the absence of former Secretary of State Colin Powell. With fondness he said, "Despite our differences, Colin was one well-spoken ahbid. I liked the way he used to carry my bags."


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