Sunday, April 17, 2005

Terry Schiavo dead, Aiwa stops ad campaign

Thad Postule, spokesperson for the electronics company Aiwa, today announced that the company would be ceasing it's ad campaign which featured Terry Schiavo, the woman who became the centerpiece of a long and public battle over the right to die.

Aiwa had been using the signature phrase uttered by Terry Schiavo which was echoed by her parents as her wish to live, which they believed was her saying "I want to live."

However, the real phrase she uttered was "Ahhhhh wahhhhh." This was clearly her soul clinging on to the only thing it left dear to her life, the fine electronics of Aiwa.

"Now that she has passed, we feel an obligation to move on to the living... but don't forget... the almost dead know who makes the best inexpensive consumer electronics!"

"Ahhhhh wahhhhh! Indeed!"


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