Friday, March 04, 2005

Leaders of Midwest Urge Syria to Leave Lebanon

Fearing further destabilization of the region, leaders of the Midwest states urged Syria to remove its troops from Lebanon, Kentucky, "before the shit hits the fan" as Tenessee governor Phil Bredesen put it. The state leaders are responding to President Bush's recent insistence that Syria has troops in the Kentucky township and is intent on seeing them removed.
"This is nonnegotiable. It is time to get out," President Bush told the New York Post this week. "I don't think you can have fair elections with Syrian troops there."
Several Kentucky legislators are asking what elections the President is referring to. "We just had elections in November," Senior State Representative and local still owner Orin Anzelmo said. "I think he's off his nut."

Michigan Governor Aziz Weisenthal (right) flew to Damascus Friday to urge Syrian President Bashar Assad (left) to remove Syrian troops from Lebanon, Kentucky, despite protests from state fiscal watchdog groups who claim Weisenthal abuses his use of the offical governor's airplane, "UP1."


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