Monday, August 23, 2004

Save the Court

Let's not forget that the courts are at stake in the election, not just who can tell the most lies about John Kerry's war record. If you vote for Bush, you obviously hate America. You also hate separation of church and state, education, a woman's right to choose, and of course science. A vote for Bush means you hate science, you unpatriotic America-hater.

Consider that the Supreme Court could carry Bush's legacy of failure and incompetence into the next two decades. You might be jealous of John Kerry's patriotic heroism or even his fabulous hair, but you can't tell me you want to stack the court in favor of inarticulate monkeys. Do you? Do you really hate God-fearing Americans so much that you'd do that?

Don't forget gun control. Why am I against guns? Because guns are primarily used to kill Americans. As a true patriot, I am against killing Americans. If you want people to buy guns and kill Americans, you need to ask yourself: why do I hate America so much?

This vote is about basic American values, like putting kethcup on french fries. Americans have slathered their french fries with ketchup for years at ballgames, the circus, and drive-ins. Now the Bushies are asking you to stop buying Heinz ketchup and are insisting on calling your pommes frittes "freedom fries." That doesn't sound very "free" to me. The last people to hate the french that much had "SS" on their shoulders. Do you want to risk a constitutional ban on something as American as ketchup and french fries?

Love America: Save the Court


Blogger God of History said...

Matt is obviously trying to bait me.

What do you think I am? Another genetically engineered idiot Democrat? Put away that fishing pole, or I'll have to shoot! I've got a permit to kill (good in 21 different states). You can bet I'll pull the trigger, and no judge in Colorado or Texas will convict me.

So back off weenie boy and put away that fish bait before I take it away from you and slap you upside your narrow little head! We all know that head resulted from the late-term choice your mother made. And the reason you want to keep the church separate from the state is to protect those pedofile priests and your membership in NAMBLA.

Now get back to work before I call the IRS and tell them where you get all that extra money.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Mitch said...

I won't vote for Bush, because of Ashcroft, our current Attorney General.

I think the only reason that gun rights haven't been affected by Ashcroft & Co. trampling of civil liberties is because Bush knows who his supporters are. I will bet you that deep down in Ashcrofts picowalnut brain, there is a burning wish to see guns banned. Or else, the terrorists win.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

TGOT, if I wanted to bait you I'd ask:

Which time were the Swift Boat Veterans Who Hate America lying. The first time the supported his commendations 35 years ago, or now?

11:42 AM  

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