Friday, June 11, 2004

Hey, Stop Denigrating People, You Commie Screenwriting Leftie

A friend of ours read this blog and basically said we weren’t funny because we were only taking pot shots at people instead of coming up with something original. It really made me think. First I had to look up the word “denigrating,” in the dictionary, because I thought it meant “moving to the den for drinks and cigars.” It doesn’t mean that at all.

So then, because I’m needy and pathetic and just want to be loved, I thought maybe he’s right. Maybe I shouldn’t write so much snarky crap. I need to stop my denigratory remarks (I’m still not sure if I’m using that word right). I even tried to come up with some funny statements that didn’t involve denigratitiousness. This was all I could come up with:

I’m afraid of squirrels because they walk around in the trees and might poop on my head.

Ten minutes later that's still all I had. Maybe I’m not that funny after all. But then I read the Thom’s post on Matt Perry’s missing digit and laughed my ass off again. And besides, most of the people we make fun of are conservative idiots who think they know better and they have it coming. Liberals are often so accepting and tolerant that they don't go on the attack (or go on the denigrate). Also, liberals are typically much smarter than conservatives and thus, boring as hell. We owe it to the universe to point out when conservatives are being giant caca heads. That's a technical term I learned in a poli-sci class. So, I’ll probably continue my denigrituities but I’ll try to limit it to cases where they have it coming.


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