Monday, February 19, 2007

Yale's History Department Cringes as Bush Links War on Terror to US Independence War

This guy has a history degree from Yale?

Well, OK, maybe you could compare the two. After all, King George III was battling insurgents who were creating chaos and wanted to establish their own form of government. Plus there was another guy named George in there somewhere (275 years young today). And if you slur your pronunciation a bit, bin Laden sounds a little like Ben Franklin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush is a brainless pig. I'd say he was evil but it takes a brain to be evil. and he's a brainless pig. That's why I turned down the Yale scholarship. Who wants a diploma from a place that would pass such a brainless pig? I didn't want people thinking that I was just another brainless pig like that brainless pig, George Bush. What a brainless pig.

8:51 PM  

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