Friday, February 16, 2007

Tim Hardaway Comes Out and Admits He’s Hetero

Am I the only one who is shocked that Tim Hardaway is heterosexual? First, there’s his name, Hardaway. If he were really hetero, he would have changed his name to something more flaccid, like Giuliani or Trump. But the name Hardaway screams he’s just happy to see you. Would you want a man named Hardaway in your locker room?

Then there’s his style of dribbling, called “the cross-over.” Come on, we all know what that’s referencing.

He also shaves his head, and I understand that several gay men are also bald. Coincidence?

Tim Hardaway, perhaps you doth protest too much?

If you’re not an NBA fan, check out this link (thanks to C-note for telling me about the story).


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