Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Buck Stops Here. No... Here. No... Here. The Buck Definitely Stops Here.

Flies gather as the lackey, Snow, crawls from the refuse of the Mexican landfill. He brushes away the filthy, starving, barefoot orphans tugging on the coattails of his permanent-press suit and unfurls the proclamation. He holds it high for all to see, pausing for dramatic effect with the sun at his back, and then announces in a booming once-newsman voice, "Let the Scaping of the Goats begin!"

The (alleged) politically-motivated firing of federal prosecutors was Harriet Miers' idea. Yes, Harriet of the "she would make a great supreme court chief justice" Harriets, now relegated to the ranks of "those who would make good scapegoats." Quoteth Snow:

"That was her idea."

I'm sure our favorite history undergrad hates to be reminded of Mr. Truman's lasting legacy: that the President is ultimately responsible for his decisions and those decisions he empowers his staff to make. I guess he's not from Missouri.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gonzales is a total donkey.

3:28 PM  

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