Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Bruckheimer Says, “King Arthur is just Smurfy”

According to Business Week Online, Jerry Bruckheimer, the evil mastermind behind such literary cinema delights as “Armageddon,” and “Pearl Harbor,” will bring the full force of his genius to the legend of King Arthur. Promising a “whole fresh approach,” as opposed to the half-baked and stale approach he usually executes, Bruckheimer will pack his version with innovations such as a sword-wielding Guinevere and a Smurf-like Merlin. According to Bruckheimer, also a renowned expert on the origins of Anglo-Saxon civilization, “Merlin wasn’t a magician, although he was painted blue...”

Sir Thomas Malory could not be reached for comment, as he has been dead for six centuries.

Bruckheimer's Interview with Business Week


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